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Month of Serenity at the Kansas City Browncoats Forum!

Hey Browncoats,

The first year anniversary of the US theatrical release of "Serenity", The BDM, is upon us. In celebration of this event, we here at the Kansas City Browncoats Forum are organizing "Firefly" episode discussions throughout the month of September, leading up to a BDD (Big Damn Discussion) of the BDM on September 30th.

Here's the Episode Discussion schedule:

Friday, September 1: "Serenity Parts 1 & 2"

Tuesday, September 5: "The Train Job"

Saturday, September 9: "Bushwhacked" and "Shindig"

Wednesday, September 13: "Safe" and "Our Mrs. Reynolds"

Sunday, September 17: " Jaynestown" and "Out of Gas"

Thursday, September 21: "Ariel" and "War Stories"

Monday, September 25: "Trash" and "The Message"

Friday, September 29: "Heart of Gold" and "Objects In Space"

Saturday, September 30 (aka Serenity Day): The BDM, "Serenity"

Come prepared with your own questions about the selected episode, nitpicks, artwork, fanfic, anything you have that is related to the episode of that day. The admins of the KC Browncoats Forum will come up with topic discussion questions about each episode to start us off with, and let us fly from there.

We hope you'll all come and participate. Spread the word about the Month of Serenity to other KC Browncoats and tell 'em about this place, the more the shinier!

(KC Browncoat admin... aka: Little Albatross)
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