little_dumpling (little_dumpling) wrote in oh_so_shiny,

A Birthday Exchange (Kaylee/Jayne/River) - NC-17

Title: A Birthday Exchange, chapter one
Author: little_dumpling
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kaylee/River, Jayne/Mal, Kaylee/Jayne/River (Threesome, Main Pairing!)
Warning: Language. Het sex, femme slash, and small amount of slash.
Spoilers/Timeline: Post BDM
Disclaimer: I make no profit in writing fanfiction.
Summary: It’s River’s birthday, and she asks her Captain-Daddy for something he is reluctant to give…
Author's Note: This idea came into my head as I was writing my next story for the shiny_hats ficathon, and it just wouldn’t leave. Tell me if I am wasting my time, or if you would like to read more. Thanks! LD. (sorry for the flist spam!)

Chapter One

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